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Why choose Max Garage for your next McLaren Service?

At Max Garage, we strive to be the best independent (non-dealer) service and repair garage for your McLaren, in Dubai, UAE. All Service and repairs are done as per manufactures specifications, by highly trained and qualified experts. We will ensure that your McLaren will perform efficiently and safely as intended. Also, we are an ESMA Certified 5-Star garage, this means that any service done with us is as per the dealers requirement.

What is included in my McLaren Service and repair?

As per your vehicle service history your next McLaren service can be chosen from below  

McLaren service and repair Max Garage Dubai

At Max Garage, our priority is to maintain your car as per manufacturer specifications and to ensure customer safety, satisfaction and loyalty, hence we strive to offer complete peace of mind when it comes to your McLaren service and repair needs. With over 40 years of experience, Max Garage is not only the best, but we are also very affordable and reliable. The service and support team at Max Garage is highly trained and qualified, this ensures manufacturers standards of workmanship and quality. We are in for the long haul and believe in building relationships that last.

Genuine Parts and Warranty on Jobs

We are transparent in everything we do and that’s why we provide a full breakdown of service and parts required to carry out any job. Further more, every job comes with a three-month or 5,000 km warranty* on the work done and we also use only Genuine Original Parts. Where possible, we also provide you with the option to use Genuine OEM or After Market parts, which are sourced only from the best and reliable manufacturers, thereby reducing costs without compromising reliability or safety.

Convenience At Your Door Step

We are known for our quick turnaround times so you will not be left without your vehicle for too long. We also provide Free pick-up and drop service* (in Dubai) with payment options in cash, Credit Card or Online. Max Garage is here to help you with all your McLaren service and repair or maintenance needs.

Accident Repair, Fender Bender or Paint Touch up and Polish

Our body shop is also fully equipped with the latest technologies in McLaren dent and collision repair. We use manufacturer standard paint and painting techniques, as a result we can provide a 2 year warranty* on fading and peeling on all paint jobs.

Get the Best Detailing service &
Ceramic Paint Protection for your McLaren in Dubai

Our Services

Below are some of the many McLaren service and repair jobs that we can carry out for you:


Frequently Asked Questions

All models of McLaren are not the same. Depending on the model and its engine and drivetrain specification, the service price will vary. To know the cost of service for your car, send us an enquiry or simply call us and our expert Service Advisors will be glad to assist you and give you a quote.

Your McLaren engine is highly engineered with minimum tolerances. During the engine testing and design, the manufacturers chose a certain brand and grade of oil that works best with each engine. Changing the grade and sometimes even the brand of oil can affect the performance of the engine and increase wear and tear. That’s why we use the manufacturer recommended grade and brand of oil even if it’s a little more expensive, as it extends the engine life and gives better performance.

You can visually check for any oil spilled where the car is parked. If oil has spilled, there is a good chance of the engine oil light is from a leak. Also, you may have a minor leak, which may not leave a major puddle but over time can cause the oil level to fall. If not, then the problem could be that your McLaren is burning oil internally due to excessive engine wear and tear. To avoid this, it is important that the correct oil grade recommended for your car is used.

At every service, we check the brake pads to assess its life and recommend changing them when they are at 20-15% of their life. Also, most modern cars have sensors to indicate when the brake pad is at the end of its life. If your car has brake pad sensors, we recommend changing the pads immediately (within 1000Km) once you get the warning on your dash. Changing your brake pads too late can lead to damaged disk brakes and calipers which are costly to repair or replace.

It is advisable that you don’t drive the car or safely pull over if you are driving. The check engine light turns on when there is a problem electronically or mechanically on your car engine. It could be something minor like dirty injectors or something major that could damage your engine. We will not know until a diagnostic tool is connected to your McLaren and the error codes are diagnosed by a professional. Please call us as soon as possible to avoid any serious problems, and we will be glad to assist you.

It could be worn out components like bushes, ball joints or shock absorbers. Its best to get this checked and repaired as worn-out suspension parts will affect your McLaren’s handling and increase wear and tear on your tyres.

Short answer NO, long answer maybe. It’s possible that the reason your car is shaking is because of something simple like worn out spark plugs, or it could be something major. It is best not to ignore the engine vibration and get it check as soon as possible.

Engine overheating can be caused by a leakage in the cooling system, a faulty water pump, a leak or blocked radiator, and/or a blocked hose. In extreme cases engine over heating can also be caused by a damaged head gasket. You should not drive your vehicle and get your McLaren checked by a professional.

If the engine overheats beyond a certain point, (which can sometimes happen very quickly) the engine can get damaged beyond repair. If you are driving, you should pullover as soon as it is safe to do so and get a recover to transport your vehicle to the garage for inspection. Depending on the cause of the overheating, even driving a few meters can damage your engine beyond repair.

It typically means the transmission has an internal fault. Dirty transmission fluid, fault in the valve body , fault in the torque converter , fault in internal mechanical components, or a faulty output speed sensor could all be to blame.

If you smell fuel inside or near your car on the outside, its possible that you have a fuel leak. Its dangerous to keep or drive your vehicle in such conditions as fuel can drop on hot parts of the car and cause a fire. Please get your car to the workshop for us to inspect as soon as possible.

Signs Your Battery Is Dead or Dying are 1) Your engine cranks slowly but doesn’t start. 2) No crank, no start, no lights! 3) One day it starts fine, then next day your car won’t start. 4) Cold cranking takes longer than usual. 5) You’ve jumped it a lot already. If you are facing any of the above issues with your McLaren, Just give us a call and we can arrange for a battery and a qualified automotive electrician to visit you wherever you might be and replace your battery.

Your McLaren could have a gas leak in the AC or there is a problem with its compressor or engine cooling fan etc. Avoid using the AC as this would put unnecessary load on the compressor and also cause it to fail. Get your car over to us for us to check and diagnose the exact cause of the problem.

When you brake and feel the vehicle vibrating, it may be due to problems with the brake pads or brake disks. Other reasons for the vibration could be from your suspension, misalignment in your tires or uneven wear on your tires. It’s best that a professional examines your car to pinpoint the problem and best resolve it.

We do Service and Repair for McLaren Models

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