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We found a very interesting article and thought it relates to car drivers in the UAE as well.

Car WorkshopResearch shows that nearly half of UK drivers (43%) put their safety at risk along with the safety of other road users by avoiding taking their car to a garage despite suspecting a fault. New research of 1,000 UK drivers has found that the major barriers to seeking professional garage advice are “not being able to explain what’s wrong with their car” (35%) and “feeling intimidated by the garage” (32%). Also, 38% of motorists have skipped having their car serviced, with the biggest concern a fear of overcharging (36%).

Furthermore, 57% of drivers who have experienced an unresolved dispute with their garage did not know where to turn to for help resolving the issue.

At Max Garage, we believe in transparency and building trust with our customers. We know that overcharging and cheating customers isn’t viable and not feasible for the business in the short run as well as the long run. Even though we run a car workshop, we are customers for a lot of other services and we provide the kind of service we expect from other businesses and our exhaustive line-up of positive reviews help us prove our point.

Max Garage is in business in Dubai for over 35 years and is the trusted workshop for many. We have customers that have been loyal to us for decades and we have repaid their trust in us by providing year after year of reliable and affordable service.

Whether you drive a economical hatchback or an exotic luxury sedan, we are here to assist you with all your car service and maintenance needs. Max Garage is located at a very convenient location and we offer pickup and drop services as well for a small extra cost.

Trust Max Garage, we have been told that we are the best and the most reliable car workshop in Dubai and also the whole of UAE. While we don’t disagree, we believe we are here to help.


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