Max Garage

Genuine Parts

To ensure that genuine parts have been used on your car, we source our parts ONLY from Dealers, Authorized Sub Dealers or reputed independent suppliers.

To give you complete peace of mind, we are ready to do the following to prove it
  • Allow you to inspect the parts in their Original packing before we open them for fixing or we can send you a photo of the same. (Please inform your Service Adviser that you would like to inspect parts before we proceed with the job.)
  • If you opted for OEM/AM or Used parts, we will inform you in advance and clearly mention whether parts are OEM/AM or Used on our invoice.
  • OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture e.g. Bosch) or AM (After Market Parts e.g. Brembo) are also sourced from the Authorized Dealers or Distributors to ensure quality.
  • If you need further assurance, we are prepared to send the parts (before fitting) to the Dealer/Distributor for verification (charges may apply).
  • After we fit the parts, we will keep old parts in the same packing in which the new replacement parts came (where applicable) and hand them back to you, as per our KYP (know your parts) policy.