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The UAE government’s responsible move to increase fuel prices will have an impact on all of us and it’s time to be more cautious about our driving habits. With petrol prices increasing by a significant percentage, it will have a noticeable impact on our transportation spend. Here are some tips from Max Garage Dubai on how you can save money on fuel.

Fuel Saving Tips in the UAE

  1. Choose an engine capacity which will fulfill your need of owning a car. The lower the cubic capacity the better the fuel consumption but lesser the space available to use inside the car.
  2. Check your tyre pressure at least once every two weeks. Low air pressure will significantly affect your fuel economy and straining your engine increasing fuel consumption.
  3. Make sure you replace your air filter every 10,000kms as a blocked filter will strain the engine resulting in excess fuel consumption.
  4. Set your AC operating temp to around 20-22 degrees. This will help in cutting off the AC compressor periodically, giving the engine some relief which results in giving you more mileage to the gallon and also will help to keep your skin and eyes still moist and not dry up.
  5. Refrain from keeping your engine running when parked. Not only is this a health hazard to people around your car, it also has an adverse effect on the environment. Prolonged idling while parking is also a fire risk and makes your AC system suck in the carbon monoxide from your exhaust which is a great health hazard and can affect infants as well as adults.
  6. Every 15,000kms add a good quality fuel injector cleaning additive while filling up as this will clean your injectors and ignite your fuel better resulting in lesser carbon emission from your exhaust.
  7. Avoid rapid and frequent acceleration and de-acceleration and maintain the speed of the traffic flow. Remember higher the speed the more the fuel consumption.
  8. Try not to run your car to near empty tank as this will strain your fuel pump resulting in pump failure which is an expensive part.

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