Max Garage

Over time your cars interior leather can get worn-out and damaged, forming cracks or can even tear. Sharp objects can scratch the finish or it may lose it lustre by extensive wear like on the steering wheel.

At Max Garage we can restore the leather interior of your car. With our specialist leather restoration products and specially trained technicians we can renew minor scratches, burns, dry cracks, abrasions or colour smears on the leather surface.

Our Service include:

  • Cleaning and rejuvenating leather seats and other leather interior parts to restore their suppleness.
  • Repairing Cracked leather (the leather tends to dry out in hot and dry climate)
  • Repairing Minor rips and scratches (sharp edges of bags or clothing decorations)
  • Repairing Cigarette burns
  • Restoring the original leather colour and the new leather feeling in your car.