Max Garage

Most modern vehicles have plastic lenses over their headlamps, which after a period can become foggy, blurry, or discolored when exposed to extreme sunlight and silicon based car-wash products.

You likely won’t face this problem in the first 3 to 4 years. However, if the car is five or more years old then you will notice that your headlights are slowly turning foggy or blurry – either with a yellow color or a milky haze.

Just polishing the lights will restore the original shine, but they will again start to fade and oxidize, usually faster than before. Applying a special UV coating to your restored headlight will protect it from harmful Ultra Violet rays that plays a major role in the oxidation process that leads to fading and yellowing on headlights.

At Max Garage restore the original shine of the headlight and also treat the light with a special UV protection coating. This will drastically slow down the effects of the sun and keeping your light looking great for years to come.