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Double layer structure of BRILA offers full protection that promises a rapid hardening of the coat which is 10 times faster than that of existing products.

Why BRILA is considered to be one of the best body coatings today?
BRILA has tested our products thoroughly and have found the best method of practice for the application. Starting from our first generation we have continually researched and theorized the best paint protection system, which has lead us to a 4th Generation Inorganic Glass Coating we have utilized today. The stages in which BRILA has evolved:

1st Generation; Wax and Grooming
2nd Generation; Organic Coating
3rd Generation; Organic Glass Coating
4th Generation; Inorganic Silica Glass Coating

Japanese Industrial Standard
BRILA Premium Coating systems uses 100% inorganic matter, ensures a 5 year manufactures warranty and passed JIS -D0205-1987, unlike any other company on the market. (Japanese Industrial Standard) a standard in which BRILA paint protection has been tried and tested.

• Strong Repellence: Water becomes droplets
• Glossiness: It makes a car showroom looking
• Ultra Violet: Protection for 5 year’s
• Water Reduction: Minimizing water usage and easy to clean
• Protection from environmental abrasions: acidic bird droppings, bat droppings, tree sap and bug splatters

What is inorganic glass in our premium body coating?
Inorganic glass is a liquid that is hard, transparent, amorphous and of infinite viscosity. The inorganic compound takes on high polish, transmits and reflects light. This material is the formation of silica glass which is in it’s purest form and does not contain such chemicals as carbon or methyl. Our coating protects your car paint from harmful UV rays, acid rain, harmful road debris and so much more. Unlike other paint protection on the market, BRILA Premium Body Coating does not contain any organic materials which degrade over time from exposure to the above elements. The coating has a double layer hybrid structure comprising of a water-repellent coat and a silica glass coat.

Extreme durability – A signature solution of BRILA
BRILA’s double layer structure offers full protection that promotes rapid hardening of the coat – 10 times faster then that of existing products, in comparison to 30 days for existing products on the market. The entire BRILA Body Coating chemical composition is made up of a two-layer – (hybrid) water repellent coating structure and our signature silica glass coating. The new coating system will promote a scratch resistant surface and a “self-cleaning effect” of sorts. BRILA Premium Body Glass Coating avowals uniquely formulated and pure inorganic silica paint protection that boasts an extremely high affinity to the body surface.