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Apply to Tires, Rims, Fenders, Wheels, Lower Panel if Necessary

Using with Glipton Fender Brush 43PL

precision clenz
Tire & Rim Concentrate

Benefits of STEP 1

A. Here is our opportunity to remove 95% -100% grease dirt and debris from rubber Tire, Rims and Fender Wells. Don’t miss this opportunity to give quick scrub to the Tires. No need to waste time scrubbing Rims. They will be ‘Detailed Cleansed’ in a later phase.

B. Additionally this steps help to reveal the extend of the more seriously bonded brake dust still attached to the Rim surface.


Use with Gliptone Blizzard Maker Foam Cannon

Precision Clenz High pH

Benefits of STEP 2

In this wash step we are focusing on removing the following debris and contamination.

Note: Some pollutants such as ferrous metal based particles, metallic brake dust particles and pollutants, hardened-bonded bug and tree residue, hard water mineral deposits, alkaline mineral/chemical film, paint over spray, will remain bonded to the surface. 


Iron Eater Decontamination

Benefits of STEP 3

Eron Eater Decontamination step is eliminating the following:

A. All ferrous metal based particulates bonded to rim paint plastic and glass surfaces from brake dust(generated from this car and others on the road), rail dust, transportation shipping and trucking exhaust and various other industrial pollution generating sources.

B. When properly utilizing the family of Gliptone wheel wool brushes Iron Eater is effectively removing 100% of the bonded brake dust and cleaning brake dust from behind the face of the rim surface(back of rims/wheels) and caliper surface. In most cases without having to remove the wheels from the car.

C. To a lesser degree hard water mineral deposits on the glass and painted surfaces.


Use with Gliptone Blizzard Maker Foam Cannon

Precision Clenz Low pH

Benefits of STEP 4

A. Remaining mineral deposit residue from glass plastic and painted surfaces.

B. Alkaline chemical film is now removed from glass and bright work including metallic trim and bright plastic surfaces.

Note: At the conclusion of this step the only contamination left on vehicle surfaces include paint over spray and none Ferris metal based hardened particles. Also note that in an effort to save time the vehicle id left wet not dried at the conclusion of wash step number 4

STEP 5 - Final Step

Gliptone Body Clay Bar, 'claying process'.

A. By misting Body Lube on to already wet vehicle we are conserving product and just creating a more slippery wet surface for the Gliptone Body Bar to glide across the surface. Also Note: Body Lube contains no silicones or film forming materials so at the conclusion of this step the paint will be perfectly clean and be prepared for whatever direction the technician intends to take with the paint whether it includes: Compounding, polishing, waxing, coating, or enhanced ‘Spray Glipguard’ or Glipgloss Treatment

B. 96% to 100% of all remaining bonded paint over spray and hardened non-ferrous metal based particulates have now been removed. This vehicle stands cleaner and visibly more brilliant than any other cleansing process on the planet!