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Most of us here in the UAE will have a really tough time without personal transportation. Cars play a very important part in our lives here and even though public transport in the UAE is evolving at a rapid rate, most of us still depend on our cars to take us to work, the supermarket, to pick the kids, etc.

So, since we depend so much on our cars, how often do we really take some time out to inspect the second most expensive thing most of us will own in our lifetime?

At Max Garage Dubai, we really care about cars and treat them more than just modes of transport. Everyone here, from the directors, the mechanics to our humble security guard, care about vehicles and have a certain passion for automobiles.

Car Care Tips Max Garage
We’ve put together some Car Care Tips that will not only help you maintain your car well but also enjoy it for years to come.
  1. Take a quick walk around your car before you get in to avoid surprises like one of your wheels having a puncture, etc. Inspect all the panels and find if there is any damage caused while the car was in the parking.
  2. Upon starting the engine make sure to see if the RPM has dropped to the operating RPM which happens only when the engine temperature reaches the right operating temperature. The operating RPM is around a 1,000.
  3. On the move, depending on the engine size and power of your car, there is different pattern of driving in the city compared to open road driving. Make sure you don’t needlessly accelerate from red-light to red-light. This will cause undue stress on your engine and your brakes.
  4. While parking your car, make sure there is reasonable amounts of space between your car and other cars so that others don’t bump into your car when they try to get out
  5. Another important thing to keep in mind while parking is to pull up your parking brakes and then shifting your gear position to the park mode. This avoids undue stress on the transmission. Put off your music system, put off your climate control and then switch off the engine. If you have done some hard driving let the engine ideal for about a minute before you switch off, this allows your engine fluids to settle down slowly.
  6. Make sure you use all systems on your car at-least once in 10 days. Items like your power windows, power seats, power wing mirrors, sun roof, etc, need to be exercised. Check your tyre pressure once every two weeks including your spare wheel if your car has one.
  7. Tyres and brakes are high wearing parts in any car. A slight change in your driving habit will ensure these last longer, saving you money.
There is no better and safer feeling on the road than being in a car that’s really up to the mark and in top shape.

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