• Dial A Car Battery – Dubai

  • Your car won’t start and you suspect that the battery may be dead?

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    Don’t Worry – Max Garage has you covered with our ON SITE – BATTERY CHECK AND REPLACE SERVICE.

    Just give us a call and we can arrange for a battery and a qualified automotive electrician to visit you wherever you might be stranded and

    1) Test your battery and replace ON THE SPOT if required.

    2) Check your vehicle charging systems.

    3) Diagnose the reason why the battery went dead in the first place.

    We supply batteries from reputed brands like BOSCH (with 1 year warranty) or we can source the original from your authorised dealer at a very competitive price. If your battery is OK and there is some other cause for your battery getting discharged, we can jump start your car or provide you with a temporary battery to get your vehicle to our workshop for further diagnosis.

    Signs Your Battery Is Dead or Dying

    1. Your engine cranks but doesn’t start.
    2. No crank, no start, no lights!
    3. One day it starts fine, then next day it won’t.
    4. Cold cranking is hard work.
    5. You’ve jumped it a lot already.